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Where do I send my Samples ?

Send your samples via USPS. Please enclose the form(s) from our SUBMIT SAMPLE page .

Both UPS and FedEx are working on Shipping Compliance for Hemp products. Check their websites for more information.

Please Send Samples to :

Terramor Technologies PO BOX 420 Lexington, VA 24450

Where can I find the USPS Letter to enclose with my Samples ?

How long does it take to get my Results ?

We are averaging a 3 - 5 business day timeline to deliver results, CoAs, or Consultations to our clients

How much of my Sample should I Submit ?

Please send 6 gr of Flower or 6 ml of Concentrates or other per each test requested. Make sure the samples are carefully packaged in sealed containers or durable Zip Lock Bags Suitable for plant material.

What if my Sample that Tests Above 0.3 % Total THC ?

If your sample tests above 0.3 % Total THC, Terramor Technologies will notify you by email and the remaining sample will be destroyed in accordance with state and federal regulations.

What part of the plant should I Sample ?

For Bio-Mass, a ground or pulverized portion of entire plant. For Flower Potency, Clip buds about 8 - 12 inches below top of plant

What happens to the unused portion of Samples I submit ?

The unused portions of submitted samples are destroyed in accordance with Federal, State and Local regulations.

How often does your Lab Calibrate it's Instruments ?

We Calibrate each day before we run samples. It is more work, but it allows for variables such as temperature and humidity to be balanced and our calibrations are done the same day as our samples are run . This is one of the reasons why our measure of uncertainty is always so low. There are no Industry Standards for Calibration of HPLC or Head Space-GC in the Industry, therefore we choose to stick with accuracy, not high throughput to be sure our results match your standards

What Cannabiniods do you test for ?

For 2022 - 2023 we are using Cayman Chemical Mixture 32841 - Phytocannabinoid Mixture 11 (CRM)

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What about CBDP or THCP ?

We are currently in reasearch and Developement with out Standards Suppliers and look forward to test trials in January, 2023. If you have an interest in this for your 2022 crops or other R&D, pleas email us ~

I have other questions

Send us your question(s) and we will try to answer as soon as possible - usually within 24 hours

What are the USDA Testing Guidelines ?

DEA Registration # RT-0573736

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